Here at Gembay USA, our goal is simple: to give all our customers quality products, super fast shipping, and experiences that will bring a smile to their faces. Our passion is anchored in providing everyone with products they can enjoy and be proud of. Unlike many other stores, we don't do dropshipping. We have personally tested the products for quality before sourcing them, and they will be shipped by our team.

We give so much emphasis on our intensive quality control. Each piece, big or small, has to meet our high standards. So when it lands to your hands, our products will hopefully be a perfect fit for your style.

We pride our store to be one of the best options, and offer you unique products. We hate lackluster products just like you do. With that, we always strive to make shopping an enjoyable experience for you.

As part of our unwavering dedication to providing top notch products, and experience, Gembay USA ships exclusively to USA customers from the USA.

Inclusivity, creativity, and quality – these three words are our core values. With this, all our products are ethically made and guaranteed to last long. Here at Gembay USA, we like to inspire you to express yourself through your options.

We know that people come in different shapes, sizes, age, and gender. With that, we ensure that our collections always have something to offer every customer.