Bluetooth Speaker LED Bulb

$15.95 $39.95
  • Bluetooth Speaker LED Bulb
  • Bluetooth Speaker LED Bulb
  • Bluetooth Speaker LED Bulb
  • Bluetooth Speaker LED Bulb
  • Bluetooth Speaker LED Bulb

Bluetooth Speaker LED Bulb

$15.95 $39.95

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Everybody loves to party, and a party will not be complete without colorful lights and music! But going to bars and club could be expensive! Worry no more! With this Bluetooth Speaker LED Bulb, you can now enjoy house party without breaking the bank! Just simply screw in your bulb into the socket and viola! It's party time!! You can even link more Speaker bulbs at once for a great surround sound!

Product Features:

Universal compatibility, High efficiency and eco-friendly Bluetooth wireless technology that is forward/backward compatible to all Bluetooth-enabled media player devices such as Smartphones, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Macbook, Android, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop, PC, MP3 players and much more!

  • You are going to feel AMAZED by these incredible devices.
  • Become the envy of your friends after you give your home a modern upgrade or wireless streaming.
  • Allow your guests and your family to easily share and stream music to hidden wireless speakers around the home.
  • Easily and quickly install these in any room without the need for expensive re-wiring.
  • Compatible with any iPhone, Android, Mac or PC that has Bluetooth features.
  • It looks amazing and sounds amazing, and it will be the talking point of any gathering!
  • Uses a bright LED light source which does not burn out
  • Uses less electricity than fluorescent lights.
  • Comes with a remote that changes the color of the light (The Melody Bluetooth speaker does not change color, and does not have a remote)
  • Use the remote to switch the light source off while keeping the music flowing.
Specifications :
Base type: E27, and E26 (Woldwide Standard household bulb)

Emitting color:RGB
Voltage: 100-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Led power:7W
Speaker power:3W rms
Total power:12W rms