Food Vacuum Pump

$18.95 $46.95
  • Food Vacuum Pump
  • Food Vacuum Pump
  • Food Vacuum Pump
  • Food Vacuum Pump
  • Food Vacuum Pump
  • Food Vacuum Pump

Food Vacuum Pump

$18.95 $46.95

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Food and vegetables you stale and not fresh, then wasted?
You will enjoy the freshness benefits of Vacuum Food Sealer. Our vacuum food seal has helped thousands of households keep fresh food longer in the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry. With an innovative design, this tool not only adds freshness up to 5 times longer than conventional storage methods, but this gives you the scale to weigh your food.

Keep this appliance on your countertop, you will soon discover its convenience and versatility. It will be your best kitchen assistant.

Why use a Vacuum Food Sealer? With conventional storage methods, exposure to air can cause food to lose taste and nutrition. Food can be damaged by bacteria, fungi, and yeast. This sealer food vacuum food sealer removes air and seals with taste and quality. With these amazing products and accessories, you can keep fresh food up to 5 times longer


  • Spend less money: With our vacuum food sealer, you can buy in bulk when food is on sale and then vacuum package your food in your desired portions without wasting food.
  • Save more time: Plan meals for the week ahead. Save them in the vacuum storage bags.
  • Enjoy seasonal or specialty foods: Keep highly perishable foods or infrequently used items fresh longer.
  • Control portions for dieting: Make sensible portions of your food and write calories or fat contents on the bags.
  • Marinate in minutes: During the process of vacuum packaging, it will open up the pores of food so you can get that great-marinated flavor in just 20 minutes instead of overnight.
  • Make entertaining easy: Make your signature dish and holiday treats in advance so you can spend quality time with your guests.
  • Protect non-food items: Protect polished silver from tarnishing by minimizing exposure to air. Keep camping and boating supplies dry and make them organized for outings.


  • Type: Hand Held
  • Sealing Length: <20cm
  • With Vacuum Bag: Yes
  • Power Source: Manual
  • Style: Manual vacuum pump
  • Style 2: Food Containers pump
  • Style 3: Household small vacuum pump
  • Style 4: Vacuum preservation tank
  • Style 5: Vacuum preservation pump
  • Features: Preservation Food Sealer Canisters
  • Features2: Kitchen Preservation Pump


  • Manual Vacuum Pump * 1
  • Sealed bag: 5pcs

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