Kids GPS Tracker Watch

$26.95 $66.95
  • Kids GPS Tracker Watch
  • Kids GPS Tracker Watch
  • Kids GPS Tracker Watch
  • Kids GPS Tracker Watch
  • Kids GPS Tracker Watch
  • Kids GPS Tracker Watch
  • Kids GPS Tracker Watch
  • Kids GPS Tracker Watch
  • Kids GPS Tracker Watch

Kids GPS Tracker Watch

$26.95 $66.95

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Kids GPS Tracker Watch links to parents’ smartphones, so they can keep tabs on their location and communicate quickly.

How it works:

The Kids GPS tracker watch is worn by kids but synced up to their parents’ smartphones. Through a downloadable app, the parents can track where their children are, send alerts like “dinner’s ready,” or even dial the smartwatch to talk to them.


  • GPS and LBS dual-locating function
  • Electronic fence function: sends an alert if a child leaves the preset area
  • Remote monitoring: high-sensitivity mic lets parents listen in to children’s surroundings
  • Two-way communication: parents can dial the watch and kids can call their parents
  • SOS one-key calling: holding the SOS button for 3 seconds will automatically dial the parents
  • Fitness tracker: stores 3 months’ worth of steps data.

How to Use:

1.Scan QR code on the packing box and which is always you can find at the button of boxes.

2.Download the APP "Setracker" and Register Account.

3.Scan or enter the device ID.Each device has only one unique ID, it can be only be used once, and it is the access to connect between watch and phone.

4.Choose language and server location. After you scan the device ID and fill the account name and password. You got to choose the language and server in your area before you finish it.

How to Solve problems:

Q: What's the difference between the GPS version and LBS version?

  • The main difference between the GPS version and LBS version is that the GPS version has GPS+LBS with OLED screen, but the LBS version only has LBS, no GPS with LCD screen ( other functions also only belongs to GPS version, like a pedometer, sleep monitor etc.)

Q: Why the error range of GSM base station locating up to hundreds of meters?

  • GPS locating is a way of satellite positioning, so it is quite accurate. But GSM locating is based on base station, its accuracy depends on the signal strength received by the transmitter, where has the better signal, then its location will be provided. So the error range can be big.


  • Bold and colorful kids’ smartwatch
  • Material: plastic
  • Screen size: 0.96”
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Battery: 3.7V 400mA rechargeable
  • Standby time: 2–3 days

Note: This watch needs SIM card

A noble cause :
A portion of every sale goes to Children International, an amazing charity that helps children in need all over the world