Lifting Moving Straps

$77.95 $194.95
  • Lifting Moving Straps
  • Lifting Moving Straps
  • Lifting Moving Straps
  • Lifting Moving Straps
  • Lifting Moving Straps
  • Lifting Moving Straps
  • Lifting Moving Straps
  • Lifting Moving Straps

Lifting Moving Straps

$77.95 $194.95

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Product name: Heavy Objects Lifting Straps
Material: Nylon
Color: Orange
quantity: 4pcs
Size: the uniform width of the webbing is 1.77", the length of the auxiliary belt is 2.7m
Single load: 110KG

Packing list:
2* Straps
2* Auxiliary belts
4* Metal buckles

1. Ideal Moving Straps: The Straps are ideal for carrying and moving small, medium, large and extra-large pieces like bulky wardrobe, fridge freezer, mattresses, couches, washing machine, furniture etc.
2. Strong Nylon Material: Made of Nylon. it is durable and adjustable according to the size of the object, each strap could bear 110KG.
3. Safe and Agronomical: Ergonomically designed facilitates proper lifting techniques and reduce back pain, wrist straps help to carry the object more easily.
4. Easy to Use: Light and portable, easy to store. You feel more than 66% lighter when lifting the big objects. The cross-type straps are more labor-saving and safe for you and for the items you are carrying.
5. Its versatility makes it great for moving, but also perfect for working in the yard, around the house or in the office.

How to use:
To Lift:
Lay both straps side by side underneath furniture with strong/sturdy legs or x-cross the straps underneath items that have no legs for anti-slip out mode
Grab ends of straps individually 2 per person with each hand
With your back straight bend only slightly at the knees and choose the desired length by inserting arms in openings provided to adjust length
Position the arms at 45 degree angles upward from the elbow to the wrist
The strap opening chosen should be right at the base of your elbow but entirely on your forearm
Place your hands Directly in front of your shoulder area flat on the piece being carried all off your fingers pointing upwards See
Confirm each other's state of readiness.
When ready lift by straightening legs slowly
To Lower:
Find a level and large enough area that can withhold the weight and size of the carried
Can firm each other's state of readiness
with your back still straight bend slightly at the knees until the item lowered is safety on the floor.